Beer Appetizers

Chicken wings in soy sauce400 gr. allergens 6 11,10 bgn.

Chicken wings in BBQ sauce 400 gr. allergens 7 11,80 bgn.

( hot or sweet)

Chicken livers village style290 gr. allergens 6 8,90 bgn.

Chicken hearts250 gr. allergens 6 7,90 bgn.

Beef tongue in butter250 gr. allergens 7 20,60 лв.

(served with garlic brusched)

Chicken bites fried in 300 gr. Allergens 1 ,2,11 12,90 bgn.

(cornflakes, mashed potatoes or sesame , sauce Ajoli)

patate with bacon 300 gr. allergens 7 7,80 bgn.

(potatoes, bacon and garlic baked with yellow cheese)

Patate with chicken350 gr. allergens 7 9,80 bgn.

(potatoes,chicken fillets, pickles and cream baked with yellow cheese)

Fried smoked cheese breaded with blueberry jam150 gr. allergens 1,2,7 9,20 bgn.

Zucchini 400 gr. allergens 79,20 bgn.

(with yoghurt-garlic topping)

Mushrooms in butter250 gr.7.20 bgn

Broccoli Blue 300 gr allergens 1,2,78,90 bgn

( baked with Blue cheese, cream and Parmesan)

Yellow cheese fried and breaded180 gr allergens 1,2,710.60 bgn

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