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FOR: 26.12.2023

Potato cream soup400 гр. Алергени 7 3,50 лв.

Chicken soup400 гр. Алергени 7 3,50 лв.

tarator400 гр. Алергени 7 2,50 лв.

zucchini meatballs300 гр. Алергени 7 4,60 лв.

поднесени с млечен сос

zucchini with rice and meat300 гр. Алергени 7 5,20 лв.

Pork filets with rice300 гр. Алергени 7 7,00 лв.

Chicken bites with sweat and hot sauce300 гр. Алергени 1,3,76,40 лв.

Cheese on a plate with Tomatoes250 гр. Алергени 1,3,76,70 лв.

Tomatoes with a slice of cheese and pesto sauce250 гр. Алергени 1,3,73,50 лв.

Dolce vita cake180 гр. Алергени 74,50 лв.

Sponge cake180 гр. Алергени 73,80 лв.

Homemade bread90 гр. Алергени 7 1,00 лв.

slice of bread1 бр0,30 лв

food box1 бр0,25 лв

A set of utensils1 бр0,15 лв

(нож и вилица със салфетка)

single utensil1 бр0,10 лв

(лъжица със салфетка)

box for sauce1 бр0,14 лв

  1. The minimum order amount and free delivery is BGN 8.
Packaging and utensils are charged.
Orders /from our lunch menu/ made before 10.45 a.m. are delivered to the specified address between 11.45 a.m. and 12.45 p.m.:
– in the area of ​​Bozhurishte without a delivery fee.
– for the area after the ring road it is BGN 3.

Requests made after 10.45 a.m. are delivered with a BGN 2 delivery fee.


After 1:15 p.m.

Please, in order to serve you in a certain time range, consider the time of application.
– to reserve a table for a specific time, when all the dishes you have chosen will be waiting for you served.
– to place an order for delivery to your workplace with food from our lunch menu.
Nice day!

Phone for reservations and orders 0888/365646 и 02/9933949