Special salad 400 gr. ALLERGENS 2,7 9,20 bgn.

(cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, yellow cheese, salad sauce)

Shopska salad 400 GR. ALLERGENS 7 9,20 BGN.

(tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, cheese)

Chorbadgijska salad 400 GR. ALLERGENS 7 12,90 BGN.

(tomatoes, roasted peppers, chicken filets, cheese)

Shepherd’s salad 450 GR. ALLERGENS 2,712,30 BGN.

(tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, ham, mushrooms, egg, cheese)

Cesar salad400 GR. ALLERGENS 1,3,7 12,50 BGN.

(iceberg salad, green salad, chicken fillets, parmesan, croutons, olives, dressing)

Meraklijska salad 400 гр. ALLERGENS 7 12,00 BGN.

(tomatoes, roasted eggplants, roasted peppers, chillies, crumbled cheese)

Mayor’s salad 400 GR. ALLERGENS 2,7 9,40 BGN.

(green salad, tomatoes, carrots, roasted peppers, egg, garlic, grated cheese)

Mix of fresh salads with grilled Goat cheese 400 GR. ALLERGENS 2,7 15,00 BGN.

(walnuts, honey dressing and crema all Aceto Balsamico)

Salad with chicken fillets 450 GR. ALLERGENS 2,7 10,50 BGN.

(chicken fillets, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers and salad sauce)

Kapreze 400 GR. ALLERGENS 7 10,80 BGN.

(tomatoes with Mozzarella and Pesto )

Roasted chillies100 GR.3,00 BGN

(with garlic and vinegar)

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